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Our Mission

lineTrust PaPa strives to provide a support infrastructure to less privileged students to fulfill their dreams of higher education, through financial aid and professional guidance.

Through collective action it aims to facilitate, sponsor and undertake programmes for sustainable development, growth and management of natural resources, and for extending health care to the needy.

India has the largest population of youth who have been rightly termed as engines of growth of the country. It is also a fact that a large section among them come from socially weak and economically poor layers of the society. They are still not being able to explore and exploit many opportunities which are available to the more advantaged youth because of lack of financial support from their families. Due to this they cannot contribute to the society in the way others can.

Trust PaPa has been conceived with the aim of helping, guiding, and motivating students who come from these weaker and deprived sections of society in various ways, primarily through financial aid and professional guidance. The Trust has started its activities with ‘A Rupee A Day’ scheme whereby college students have been encouraged to donate a rupee a day to the Trust which will be used to sponsor less privileged students. Even though this amount may seem to be individually quite meager when pooled it becomes a sum that can change a needy student’s life by helping him/her with his/her education. While education can change a person’s life, the experience of helping someone do so, itself is a life-changing experience. The idea is to teach the students that even small contributions/savings can make a difference. The Trust will be launching a similar program for professionals and salaried people soon.

A group of like-minded friends got together and thought of these issues. As majority of the trustees of the Trust come from an academic background they are aware of these realities, and of the hardships that many students face due to lack of financial assistance and vocational guidance regarding their career choices and opportunities. If this assistance can be provided to them at a stage which is a very crucial phase in their lives, their life-paths can be constructively altered.

Current Campaigns

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Ahmedabad Bird Mapping Get Involved

Ahmedabad Bird Mapping

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First Aid Training to Youth
First Aid Training to Youth

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Tree Plantation
Tree Plantation

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karuna abhiyan
karuna abhiyan

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Volunteers across Gujarat
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Number of volunteers across India

“It all starts with you, when it comes to our planet, the environment and endangered animals – it’s all because of us, and only we can fix it. Thanks for your hard work!”

Nick Donovan

“I have been with the team for almost a year now, and I am happy about the progress. We need more volunteers of course. So, if you support the idea of our organization, welcome.”

Molly Jones

“The biggest concern of mine has always been the danger that we put animals into. It is now possible to change the situation with your help and the effort that you guys apply!”

Julia Smith

“We often think that the world doesn’t need us, that someone else is going to take care of its issues. However, it’s us who influence positive or negative things. Start now.”

Mark Hamilton

“This is one of the best and most successful eco projects today. I am lucky & proud to be a part of it, and I want to encourage everyone to go ahead and participate in it!”

Alexis Dawn

Team of Experts

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The primary aim of Trust PaPa is to promote, facilitate, undertake, manage, sponsor and support variety of activities in higher education, environment, health, social support infrastructure, and arts and crafts.

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